Top 5 home décor ideas from Rustic Illusions to give your home a makeover

Top 5 home décor ideas from Rustic Illusions to give your home a makeover
Let's face the fact that we are spending more time indoors while working and studying from home. So, it is time to spice up our surroundings while maintaining distance socially. It is time to upgrade to keep our indoor life interesting and engaging. No matter howsoever artistic we are we all struggle to manage space, designing our lackluster living space or decorating our gallery wall.
So, we have come up with the five home décor ideas for making your space exciting

Top 5 Home décor Tips :

  1. Add color to your bed
    With our hand-block bedsheets and dohars, you can spark colors in your bedrooms. These cotton hand block bedsheets not only add color and style but also celebrate the rich heritage. These dohars and bedsheets can enhance the visual appeal of your bedroom. You can choose from our wide range of designs, patterns, and prints.

  2. Add Table covers in your living room
    An ornamental table cover will add beauty as well as prevent your furniture. It’s time to cover your table with some interesting colors and prints. Our cotton-printed hand-blocked table covers will surely refresh your spirits.

  3. Add scented candles
    The scented candles are a décor that one must add to enhance the style as well as your mood. Our range of fragment candles in the crystal jars will surely engage your senses.

  4. Change your curtains
    It’s time to change the curtain to change the look of your room. Try a new style of cotton curtains with a variety of blocks, showcase specific motifs, break up borders, and much more, all while adding stunning texture and movement to your decor. Try these lightweight curtains with exclusive Indian crafts and designs on them.

  5. Add Wall Plates to your wall's décor
    Wallplates can do wonders to your gallery wall, you can place a single or as many of them. You can choose from our wide range of designs to complement the decor of any room. Change your wall plates for a subtle upgrade of your home.

    At Rustic Illusions, we aim at including everything you need for the most important areas of your home in one store. We aim to completely satisfy our customers by providing artistic designs and high-end quality. With the comfort of helpful staff, we will help you be at ease during your remodeling. Contact us in case you still are not sure about the makeover designs we will be happy to help you find your perfect home décor and furnishings.

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